Village in the heart of the Cathar country

Arques is a charming village located in the Corbières mountains, only 1km from the campsite and the lake.

Its mild climate is due to the nearby forests and the Mediterranean Sea, which is about fifty kilometers away as the crow flies.

Camping InNature is located on the edge of a natural lake, in a wooded environment of 8 hectares.

All the ingredients are thus gathered to spend a pleasant stay “in the green”!

The village of Arques is a commune located in the Pyrenees of the Aude in the upper valley of the Aude, on the RD 613 road from Couiza to Narbonne through the Corbières, in the valley of the Rialsesse.

History, culture ……

Its location and history favor various outdoor activities but also centered on culture, history and religions or wine tourism with its many vineyards that surround it.

Arques is situated in the history of the Cathar period underlined by the museum occupying the house of Déodat Roché philosopher and historian, by its Castle classified as a historical monument since 1887, masterpiece of Gothic art of the 13th century remains intact. Come and admire its dungeon and its similarity with the Narbonnaise Gate of the City of Arques This possibility of thematic products is reinforced by the presence of the nearby Cathar castles of Puylaurens, Quéribus and Peyreperthuse (citadels of vertigo)

…. and activities

Arques is a natural village from where many hiking and mountain bike trails start.

Topo-guides are on sale at the Déodat Rocher museum in Arques and hiking maps are placed at the entrance and exit of the village.