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In the south of France there is a village called: Rennes le Château. Its strategic position places it on a rocky outcrop.

70 million years before JC, dinosaurs had invaded this place. Some traces were found in two different locations. There are also objects dating from the Neolithic period (10000 BC).

During the 2nd century BC, the Romans occupied Gaul, their domination was beneficial for our region. They exploited the minerals from our mountains and built thermal baths near Rennes les Bains which have become a fitness centre today.

From the 5th century AD, Rennes le Château was the scene of invasion and persecution. In turn, the Visigoths and the Franks, then the Crusade against the Cathars, left traces that can still be seen in our castles, churches and among our works of art, notably Rennes le Château.

Today, the famous remains of Rennes le Château are traces of a more recent past. A past that began in 1885 with the arrival of a new priest : Bérenger Saunière.

When in the last century the Abbot Saunière, the little priest of Rennes-le-Château, became an archaeologist and then undertook colossal work around the small village church, everyone thought he had discovered a treasure with many questions about his comings and goings to the Vatican and his relationship with esoteric circles.

No one knows what Abbé Saunière discovered under the church crypt in the mountains nearby. The only certainty is that the Visigoths who settled in the Razès a long time ago, before continuing their migration to the north of Spain, had made Rennes the Castle their capital.
The Men of Alaric, Visigoth kings who gave his name to a mountain of the Corbières near Carcassonne, had plundered Rome before, while the Romans of Titus had just brought back treasures from the holy city and the temple of Solomon. Researchers, more or less serious, have not been able to shed light on this mystery of the Abbot Saunière and his Magdala Tower. An enigma that crosses the roads of the secrets of the Cathars and the Templars.

From 1885 to 1917, Bérenger Saunière not only renovated the church and the presbytery but also bought the adjacent land to build the Villa Béthanie, the Magdala Tower and the Glass Tower, all topped by a magnificent viewpoint.

Just one question, where did this money come from? During the 1960s, the mystery of Rennes le Château intrigued residents and visitors alike. Interest in this small town grew day by day and the whole world took an interest in it. But nobody has yet been able to explain the enigma of the billionaire priest...

You will be seduced by the mysteries of Abbé Saunière's estate but you will soon be conquered by the rich history of Rennes le Château and the special atmosphere that emanates from it. It is an invitation to travel through the discovery of our cultural and natural heritage, whether you are a family, a couple or a group.

With the family: For young and old alike, come and unravel the mysteries of Abbé Saunière's estate. A treasure hunt at the reception desk will seduce the whole family to share a moment of complicity with you. An ideal family outing, it will be a source of discovery, pleasure, encounters, reunion and complicity for the best of your holidays or weekends.

As a couple: Would you like to spend an unforgettable and mysterious moment as a couple? Rennes-le-Château, a timeless site, invites you to dream and will make you live unforgettable moments.

In a group: You are a group of friends, an association wishing to discover the treasures of Rennes-le-Château? Then don't hesitate and go for it!