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Entering the Medieval City of Carcassonne, the closed universe, the ramparts plunge you into a very special atmosphere. That of a city steeped in history. Where the Cathar tragedy was partly unravelled.

Along the Canal

The idea of linking the Garonne to the Mediterranean by a canal dates back to Antiquity under Emperor Augustus and was taken up by Charlemagne, Francis I and then Henry IV.

The department of Aude

Its name comes from the river that crosses our department. The department of Aude is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Mountain and the Pyrenees, a beautiful cocoon to spend a calm and peaceful holiday in complete serenity.

The Haute Vallée de l'Aude

Is situated in Occitania in the centre of the south of France. Occitania offers a Mediterranean climate, tempered with the influence of the Mediterranean Sea. This climate is favourable for all outdoor activities, especially camping.

The town of Limoux

Limoux is a welcoming town. Here we know what living means and there is no lack of assets to seduce you.


Arques is a charming village located in the Corbières massif, in the heart of the Cathar country.
Its mild climate is due to the nearby forests and the Mediterranean Sea some 50 kilometres away as the crow flies.

At the foot of the Pyrenees

The Pays de Couiza is a haven of peace in the Upper Aude Valley. Nestled between sea and mountains, a few kilometres separate it from Spain.


In the south of France there is a village called: Rennes le Château. Its strategic position places it on a rocky outcrop.

Rennes les Bains

In the Haute Vallée de l'Aude, nestled in a pleasant and picturesque setting in the Sals valley, this small village has the indefinable charm of these places blissfully blending a privileged natural environment with serenity.

Cathar Castles

In the heart of Occitania between the Massif Central and the Pyrenees, the Aude department is home to the jewels of our department; The Cathar Castles. About ten fortified villages set in a wild and spectacular setting.

The Mediterranean Sea

Almost 50 km of fine sandy beaches, seaside resorts and natural areas follow one another along the Mediterranean. Each of the resorts offers you its own special atmosphere and a wide range of activities.

To visit in the Aude